Estranged People

17 Children are currently sponsored!

024-adopted-squashedWe are pleased to report that there are 17 out of 62 children that have monthly provision from charitable souls in the United States.

Please consider a purchase, one-time gift or monthly support for the least of these!

The Isaiah 40:1 Project: Ethiopian Jewish Orphan Adoption Program Launched!

About 12 years ago, if you had reminded me of Isaiah 40:1 (comfort the nation of Israel) – I would have thought about contributions I had made to people in The Land, offerings to Israeli projects such as bomb shelters and purchasing goods from Israel. Then about 11 years ago I learned that today, the poorest and most persecuted Jewish people are still outside The Land of Israel. It is no surprise that the children are the most innocent, helpless and impacted by these conditions. And the children who have lost one or both parents are the most at risk of all.

In this New Year, Ethiopia Judaica launches a new charitable giving program:
The Isaiah 40:1 Comfort Project. In a prophetic coincidence, you can provide $40 for 1 of the least of Hashem's children, and that will bring the blessings of clean water, clean clothing, nutritious food, and educational opportunity for a Jewish orphan or destitute child for one month.

Ours is a uniquely targeted charity, the disenfranchised, forgotten Bete Israel of Ethiopia (for more background
read this). For over a decade we have focused on providing a way for those of us in the US and wealthier countries to buy handmade goods by these who have not yet had the opportunity to make aliyah, live in the poorest of conditions and are under persecution from the rest of their Ethiopian society. We have helped them drill wells, attend technical school and provide for their families with purchases of their handmade goods in our store – we believe that this is a way to affirm their dignity, by paying for things that they have made, rather than just giving them a handout.

But the children, especially those that are orphaned really do need our unreserved support and gifts of provision rather than
employment or product purchases. Won't you consider becoming a part of The Isaiah 40:1 Comfort Project?


It's School Time in Ethiopia!

We have received $385 to pay for uniforms and school supplies for these children who otherwise might not have been able to attend school.

If you wanted to help , you can still donate at , our director in Ethiopia can receive funds from this account immediately with his Pay Pal debit card!

You can also donate here year round. A special thanks to all who helped!

Finishing Out Another Channukah Season

Another conference, another $1,000 for an all but forgotten people...
we had a very successful fundraiser table at the winter conference in Orlando this year. Very grateful to have the help of Debra Kelly during the three day event. Scarves were a big mover during this conference, with one congregation purchasing quite a few for their Judaica Store.Pasted Graphicteresa

New Effort to Connect with the Supporters of Ethiopian Jews

photo w:title Teresa & Daniel.001
Welcome to our web site. I am going to be sharing with you some memories of our trip to Ethiopia. Each week I will reflect on what I saw among the Jewish people of Addis Ababa.

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