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One Time Support

  • One Time Support

One Time Support for The Isaiah 40:1 Comfort Project.

In a prophetic coincidence, you can provide $40 for 1 of the least of Hashem's children, and that will bring the blessings of clean water, clean clothing, nutritious food, and educational opportunity for a Jewish orphan or destitute child for one month.

Ours is a uniquely targeted charity, the disenfranchised, forgotten Bete Israel of Ethiopia (for more background read this). For over a decade we have focused on providing a way for those of us in the US and wealthier countries to buy handmade goods by these who have not yet had the opportunity to make aliyah, live in the poorest of conditions and are under persecution from the rest of their Ethiopian society. We have helped them drill wells, attend technical school and provide for their families with purchases of their handmade goods in our store – we believe that this is a way to affirm their dignity, by paying for things that they have made, rather than just giving them a handout.

But the children, especially those that are orphaned really do need our unreserved support and gifts of provision rather than employment or product purchases. Won't you consider becoming a part of The Isaiah 40:1 Comfort Project?

Adoption: The First Month

We hope to provide sustainable support for these young children born into the most desperate conditions. By choosing this child for adoption, you will be billed for the first month of a monthly donation of $40. This money (with your adopted child's name) will immediately be available to our Ethiopian charity organization in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

They will purchase some basic necessities and clean clothing for your adopted child within a week, and this will be delivered to the child within two to three weeks after adoption. The children identified in this particular project are in remote villages, far from the capital city of Addis Ababa. We hope to present this we care package directly to the child, take a picture and confirm the adoption within four weeks.

Continued Monthly Support

Approximately three to four weeks after your initial payment, we will email you a note of appreciation. We will include this picture and request you go to the auto-billing webpage that will allow us to draw $40 from your account each month until you cancel or the child graduates from our program. You will hear from your child at least twice a year.


One Time Support Gift


One Time Support Gift


One Time Support Gift


One Time Support Gift


One Time Support Gift


One Time Support Gift


One Time Support Gift


One Time Support Gift


One Time Support Gift


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